Rated #1 by USA Today Travel!

“Five Stars! great show! perfect for the whole family, can’t wait to come back with the kids!”
     – reliksmom,

“Five Stars! Always an enjoyable experience. You won’t regret it.”
     – GoldStar member

“Five Stars! Good times. I’d definitely go again.”
     – toolshirt,

“Five Stars! It was so quick and witty it made me want to come back again and again. The Seattle group was hilarious…two hours of side-splitting humor. Everyone…do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a night at Comedy Sportz in Seattle. You’ll make it a point to go back many times.”
     – Susan H.,

“4 Stars! I registered on Yelp just to post this review. Here’s what it’s like: Seen Whose Line Is It Anyway? It’s like that, but faster-paced and with more audience involvement. I loved how interactive it was, and the performers (players?) really seemed to be enjoying themselves. THAT carried over into the audience.”
     – Richard N.

“Five Stars! Fantastic! Highly recommend for date night, outing with the kids, etc.”
     – Shanna R.,

“Five stars! It was funny and the actors kept it clean, so I know that I could enjoy a lot of laughs with out having any concerns about hearing jokes that were lewd or otherwise unappealing. The show was fast paced and (did I mention) funny?”
     – Rebecca Eastwood,

“We were a group of 5, young and old, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My son can’t wait to go back again. It was advertised as family fun, and it was, but it would also be a nice couple night out.”
     – Carol,

“Five Stars! They are hilarious! Audience participation made it an even better experience. Definitely worth checking out.”
     – GoldStar member,

“Great show. I took an exchange student from China and she had a GREAT time. I don’t know how they figured out some of the prompts from the audience — especially as quickly as they did! We’ll be back.”
     – r,

“Five Stars! It was great! Have not had that much fun in years.”
     – Goldstar member,