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  • Kelly Hannah – After Party #62 (6/26/2016) -

    kelly-hannahThe guest for June 25th, 2016 was comedian Kelly Hannah. She's got a comedy show each month called "Teller vs. Show" It's a show in 3 acts based around the old Choose Your Own Adventure™ style of game book.

  • Brooklyn Dicent – After Party #61 (6/12/2016) -

    brooklyndicentComedian, emcee, and master of the universe Brooklyn Dicent joined us. We talked about being a professional not-panicker. Also joining our panel was Doug Willot from Jet City Improv.

  • Beardsly Mcbeards with Kris Keppeler – After Party #60 (5/29/2016) -

    afterparty60collageOur match game contestants had some epic beards for the evening. Our guest was voice over artist, actress and podcaster Kris Keppeler. Our points were scored by halves this week, but the best beard won.

    Kris talked with us after the match game about the new horror film that she was in, a sci-fi audio drama she's working on and how many hours it takes to narrate a whole book.

  • Inaugural House Party – After Party #59 (5/22/2016) -

    We took the party out of the theater as we did our first ever house party episode. We talked to some loyal fanz. We recorded Daryl driving home and yammering on about the podcast. Daryl tried his best to explain the new show Full Disclosure. We also discussed a memory of a CSz Seattle family member who is no longer with us.

  • Cast of One special – Ep. #58 (5/16/2016) -

    kris_corbittAfter the Cast of One Show, the night's performer, Kristina Corbitt and the show's producer, Kesan Holt joined us to talk about the show. We rounded out the panel with people who had or will be the performer for Cast of One. We tried to stay on topic but had too much fun traveling down the paths we did.

  • SET Turns 5 – After Party #57 (5/9/2016) -

    300x300_11410734It's SET's 5th anniversary so Jeannine and Samantha joined us again. We got some new insight into all their shows. We also got an exclusive secret told on our show about their show "The Journal" that they are bringing back for 2016.

  • FEELINGS after dark – After Party #56 (4/11/2016) -

    kinzie-natashaKinzie Shaw and Natasha Ransom of the improv duo FEELINGS were our featured guests of the night. We had a belated birthday, including cake, for Kinzie who had recently celebrated another revolution around the sun. Also joining the panel was After Party alumni, Dave Clapper. We discussed food, feelings and feminism along with a few other 'f' words.

  • After Party #55 – Tracey Conway (4/4/2016) -

    traceyFrom the classic Seattle, sketch comedy show Almost Live!, Tracey Conway joined us. We talked about her time on the show. Her heart attack on the show. And what she's doing now.

    We were also joined on the panel by Dan, Liz and Jay of the band Late September Dogs. They were there to make sure our version of the Lame List had members of Seattle's Rock Community.

  • After Party #54 – Ethan HD Returns (3/28/2016) -

    after-party-54-collageIn a night of returns, Ethan HD returned to talk about the return of Project 42 to Seattle on April 16th. Also returning to the podcast and joining the panel were Jacob Burgess and Alexander Jerabek.

  • Next Generation Gap – After Party #53 (3/6/2016) -

    next-gen-gap-collageDenny and Carter Atkin, the father & son duo known as The Next Generation Gap joined us to talk about family dynamics in improv. We also had match game contestants who tried to play as Klingons.

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