Community Resources

Performer Agreements

Sobriety Agreement: At CSz Seattle all performers will perform 100% sober. The approach of “I like to have one drink before I perform” is not allowed. (An exception to this rule may only be permitted if it is required by the theme of the show, however permission from CSz Seattle management is required.)*

“Paying Customers Give Suggestions” Agreement: Performers, volunteers, coaches, or any other person who is not a paying customer will not give suggestions for improv performances or be an audience volunteer if there are paying customers present.

Physical Consent Agreement: Performers will not touch audience members without their permission.*

No Harassment Agreement: The individuals involved with the show will not harass or intimidate (physically or verbally) members of the audience and/or any member of the CSz Seattle Community.

No Discrimination Agreement: Performers will not “single out” audience members to make them feel uncomfortable or unwelcome for any reason.

No Acrobatics or Physical Stunts Agreement: Performers will not engage in acrobatics, circus acts, or any activity that could be considered a risky physical stunt without permission from CSz Seattle management. Permission would require proof of necessary insurance.

No Flames or Pyrotechnics Agreement: Candles, fireworks, or open flames of any sort are not permitted.*

Social Media Agreement: Members of this community will not make other community members or audience members the target of online harassment, nor will they participate in the online harassment of other community members or audience members. Members of this community will not air their grievances between one another on social media. CSz Seattle reserves the right to take online behavior, when purposefully targeted at specific community member(s), into consideration when making performance scheduling decisions, if such behavior creates the potential for a hostile environment.

Be Cool Agreement: Performers will be cool. This means that if they are paired with another group (ie. improv or sketch comedy group), they will stay for the entire show. Performers will also encourage their friends and family to stay for the entire show. To be crystal clear, leaving after your group is done is not cool.*

Comp Policy: Performers do not receive comp tickets to give away. Directors/producers of a show may have one comp ticket for themself only. Performers who are in a portion of the show may take a seat in the theatre, subject to the availability of seating. In the event a show is sold-out, any non-paying performer is expected to give up their seat in favor of any paying customer.