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ComedySportz can travel! We specialize in providing entertainment for events of any type or size! Whether it’s a business event, holiday party, birthday party, retirement party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah etc. etc. our interactive, high-energy, hilarious improv comedy show is tailored to the needs and humor of your group.

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Type Description Recomended for
2-Player In this show, which is fueled heavily by audience suggestions and volunteers, two of Seattle’s funniest comedians perform a set of the very same improv games seen in a ComedySportz match for riotously funny results. • Small events (50 or less) with a small budget
• A good option to keep prices low if the show requires travel outside of Seattle.
3-Player In this next tier up, an additional player means the comedians have more games to choose from, meaning more avenues for laughter. As always, the action is fueled by audience suggestions and possibly a brave volunteer or two from your group. • Medium sized events (50-100 attendees) with a small budget
• A good option to keep prices low if the show requires travel outside of Seattle
5-Player Our five-players show takes the form of our trademark comedy competition. This option pits two teams of comedians (with two players each) in a battle for your group’s laughter and applause. The entire match is presided over by one of our professional ComedySportz referees/emcees. Your group’s suggestions… and maybe even a volunteer or two… provoke unforgettably hilarious moments. • Medium or large events (50-500 attendees)
• Perfect for the host who wants to show extra appreciation to their guests and truly surpise them by bringing entertainment that is unique, exciting and unexpected
Full Court
Sound Tech
Our “full court” show caters the full ComedySportz experience to your guests. This is the same high-energy, competitive show we perform at our home arena, no ‘punches pulled’, tailored to your group. We bring you a referee, two teams of comedians (three players each), a sound technician and all of the equipment necessary to transform your event into our ComedySportz arena. • Large events (100-1,000 attendees)
• This “platinum” level show is for the host that wants to show their guests total gratitude by giving them a completely unforgettable comedy experience… unlike any they’ve seen before.

Add Sound Tech to any show!

“Why add Sound Tech” you ask?
The sound technician adds music, sound-effects and serves as the announcer throughout the show. Well placed music and sound effects at opportune moments enrich the comedy, adding another layer of spectacle and theatricality to your groups’ experience. Think Ed McMahon meets Michael Buffer (the ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’ guy.)

Rest easy! We bring the funny. Your guests are happy. Guaranteed.


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