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About Dave Bogan

Back in 1985, I was a junior at Greendale High School near Milwaukee. I was in forensics at the time, and I was already a huge fan of comedy. Through some friends I met in forensics, I found out that some high schools were doing something called ComedySportz Saturday afternoons at a place on Milwaukee’s East Side called, “Kalt’s”. I decided to go check it out, and I was instantly hooked. I was amazed at the games, and how they were making up everything as they went. I had never seen anything like it. I tried to go to shows every week. Once I became a senior in 1986, I asked Greendale High School if they would sponsor a Greendale team. They said no, but after I graduated, they started a team the very next year. After a six year stint in the Marines, I came back to Milwaukee, and became a bouncer and bartender at a popular sports bar. I still loved comedy, and routinely made my co-workers and customers laugh as much as I could. One day, one of the waitresses told me I should take this improv workshop they were teaching at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as a night course. It was ComedySportz. I signed up, and was taught by the founder of ComedySportz himself, Dick Chudnow. Over the next couple years, I ended up taking all the classes they had to offer. The 101, 201, 301 and 401. After completing all of them, I asked Dick if our class could put together a “Minor League” show in the smaller ComedySportz Black-box Theater. He said yes, and we started doing our own matches. With no one available to referee our shows, I volunteered to ref them myself. After months and months of performing, I became more comfortable in the position, and gained an appreciation for it. One day, Dick told me he needed a ref, and asked me to ref a family matinee show. I said yes, and soon afterward in 1997, I was added to roster of the original troupe, ComedySportz Milwaukee. And I have been a ComedySportz player and instructor ever since.