Meet A ComedySportz Player “David Gordon”

Player Name:
David Gordon

Player Number:

Vashon Island, WA

What got you started doing improv?
Middle school drama classes and watching Whose Line Is It Anyway got me hooked, although I didn’t start doing improv regularly (or well) until college.

What do remember about your first show?
My first real show was actually a combined performance with an acapella singing group. We alternated sets of improv and music, and for the finale we improvised scenes as they sang. My favorite was “This Land Is Your Land”, where I tried to fight off a massive group-hug that was converging on ‘my land’.

What kind of games do you like to play, and why?
My favorites are the games like Stage Directions, Blind Line, or New Choice that throw things into your scene that are completely random and then force you to make sense of them. It’s still funny if you fail, but it’s absolute magic when you succeed.

What is one of your favorite ComedySportz memories?
We were playing the game “I Can Do Better” in a scene about puppies. Someone suggested they could solve world hunger, and pulled some bread out of nowhere. I called out “I can do better! I can solve world hunger with something that was already on stage!” The audience never forgave me for suggesting that we all eat puppies, but I maintain that it was a reasonable solution.

How has ComedySportz and improv affected your life?
The greatest thing about improv for me is the way it teaches you to trust yourself. You don’t always have to plan out every little detail in order to do something amazing, and often what you come up with off the top of your head is better than anything you could have planned. (For more on that, I highly recommend the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.)

About Dave Bogan

Back in 1985, I was a junior at Greendale High School near Milwaukee. I was in forensics at the time, and I was already a huge fan of comedy. Through some friends I met in forensics, I found out that some high schools were doing something called ComedySportz Saturday afternoons at a place on Milwaukee’s East Side called, “Kalt’s”. I decided to go check it out, and I was instantly hooked. I was amazed at the games, and how they were making up everything as they went. I had never seen anything like it. I tried to go to shows every week. Once I became a senior in 1986, I asked Greendale High School if they would sponsor a Greendale team. They said no, but after I graduated, they started a team the very next year. After a six year stint in the Marines, I came back to Milwaukee, and became a bouncer and bartender at a popular sports bar. I still loved comedy, and routinely made my co-workers and customers laugh as much as I could. One day, one of the waitresses told me I should take this improv workshop they were teaching at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as a night course. It was ComedySportz. I signed up, and was taught by the founder of ComedySportz himself, Dick Chudnow. Over the next couple years, I ended up taking all the classes they had to offer. The 101, 201, 301 and 401. After completing all of them, I asked Dick if our class could put together a “Minor League” show in the smaller ComedySportz Black-box Theater. He said yes, and we started doing our own matches. With no one available to referee our shows, I volunteered to ref them myself. After months and months of performing, I became more comfortable in the position, and gained an appreciation for it. One day, Dick told me he needed a ref, and asked me to ref a family matinee show. I said yes, and soon afterward in 1997, I was added to roster of the original troupe, ComedySportz Milwaukee. And I have been a ComedySportz player and instructor ever since.